“Scope of Homeopathy in Autoimmune disorders” A Webinar by Prof. George Vithoulkas

International Academy of Classical Homeopathy once again organized a  Special webinar for two days on 16th and 17th July 2022, on a very important subject – “Cases of Autoimmune disorders treated by Classical Homeopathy”.

The real globalization took place when more than 850 participants from 66 countries attended the webinar and witnessed the Homeopathic treatment of serious auto-immune …Read More


On the 23rd of April, the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy participated in the JAHC 2022 Conference of National Center for Homeopathy, USA. Cristina Horvath, our Coordinator for 3 Year Practitioner Program for North America www.vithoulkas.college presented a Prof. George Vithoulkas’ case of migraines and high blood pressure and Prof. George Vithoulkas delivered a lecture …Read More

Scientific Conference at Cheboksary University

On the 15th and the 16th of April 2022, the Cheboksary University in Russia organised a conference about “Personalized Approach to Medical Rehabilitation” . Many Doctors and Professors of Medicine participated in that and it was much appreciated. Prof George Vithoulkas delivered a lecture about the “transmutation of acute diseases to chronic”, Dr Seema Mahesh …Read More

Real Globalization through Classical Homeopathy

The bright rays of knowledge and wisdom shined when the Webinar with Prof. George Vithoulkas, the World’s leading Homeopath began on 20th  & 21st  November 2021. More than 800 attendees from 62 countries took part with great enthusiasm and happiness, which was evident through their enormous response on Zoom. The International Academy of Classical Homeopathy …Read More

Controversy over Bloomberg

Dear Sir,

Article “Homeopathy doesn’t Work. So Why Do So Many Germans Believe in It?” by Sami Emory, Bloomberg Businessweek 12 October 2021

Concerning your recent article about the alternative medicine Homeopathy entitled “Homeopathy Doesn’t Work. So Why Do So Many Germans Believe in It?”

Read …Read More


Dear Diploma Holders of IACH,

The scientific association Union for Diplomate Homeopathic Physicians (UDiHoP) https://www.udihop.net was established with the objective of disseminating Classical Homeopathy according to the principles of Hahnemann, Kent and George Vithoulkas.

Please be informed that according to the results of an Election held on October 18, 2021, new Administrative Bodies of the Union were …Read More